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Member Guidelines

Ft. Myers Beach Lions Club Decorum Philosophy & Guidelines

The Ft. Myers Beach Lions Club should promote respect and attention to speakers. This is true

whether the presenter is part of our formal program or a member making an announcement. We

want to promote fun – especially with the Tailtwister – but we must know the appropriate times

for this joy. When side conversations are held or interrupting comments made, those who want to

hear cannot. Attending a group function makes courtesy more important, not less.

The Ft. Myers Beach Lions Club promotes courtesy, recognition, and appreciation. We owe

acknowledgment to the volunteers who give our presentations, set up and conduct our meetings.

The appreciative ring of sincerity includes probing questions and specific feedback to show that

we understand and appreciate some aspect of a presentation.

The Club promotes professional conduct. Members need assurance we will never "pick the

brains" of fellow members on behalf of a personal business enterprise. We are here to serve

others, learn from each other, and grow. Members should never be asked to help others earn fees

and wages for services rendered.

At Board meetings or whenever the Club conducts business one issue at a time should be

presented. When members address the group unrelated issues should not be mentioned that could

detract from the discussion. Members should be concise, positive, and stick to the facts on a

single issue.

The Club should acknowledge a "no strings attached" policy on volunteer help. Once a member

is identified as being willing to pitch in, a common failing of some clubs is to behave as if that

The Ft. Myers Beach Lions Club strives to be an enjoyable and productive civic service

organization that promotes respect for all people. Club members are all volunteers freely giving of

their time and talent, but nevertheless must adhere to a quality standard that professionally

represents our Club and Lionism in general.

Speakers, guests, and our own members should be warmly welcomed and made to feel honored to

be among the largest service organization in the world. Presenters should feel that their preparation

and delivery of information is appreciated. The Club should provide a safe space for members and

guests to share their experiences and insights.

The Ft. Myers Beach Lions Club members will adhere to courteous communication policies

and standard etiquette guidelines. Club mailing lists should be used for club business only,

never for personal or business promotions. E-mail messages and telephone calls are great

ways to conduct business or stay in touch with various members but care should be exercised

to avoid forcing club business on people.

help is expected thereafter. The Ft. Myers Beach Lions are better than that! All efforts by

individual members are by definition voluntary, no matter what other message club behavior

sends. The members should never put another member "on the spot". Although it is important for

members to contribute to the organization, it is also important for the Club to respect the

members. For whatever reason, members are always within their rights to state, without further

explanation, that they are simply "not a resource" for a given request. This approach, the Club

believes, is the best way to foster a high response rate is to maintain an atmosphere where

volunteers are truly happy to help.

The Ft. Myers Beach Club strives to divide up tasks predictably. Members and officers know

what to expect. Tasks and terms of office or appointment should be clearly defined in advance. If

no replacement can be induced to step forward for an annual position, the Board of Directors will

decide how to handle the situation.

Our Club encourages all levels of involvement by our members. Some members have “put in

their time” in leadership roles, some have lots of time to give, and others may be transitioning

among life’s priorities. Wherever a member is, the Club welcomes their involvement. Some basic

involvement within the Club may be expected, but members should be sensitive to each other’s

abilities and willingness to participate. Some Ft. Myers Beach Lions may choose to become very

active locally while others may become active at the district, state or international level. All are

welcome within our Club.

Finally, when the Club is visited by potential members interest should be shown in

welcoming them to be a part of the group without making them uncomfortable. Good

intentioned “has anyone given you an application” can quickly detract from the experience.

CONCLUSION: Besides providing us with a friendly atmosphere of peers in an orderly

environment, the Ft. Myers Beach Lions remain committed to professional service and respect to

others. We celebrate Lionism and remain aware of how our own participation might shape and

contribute to the service of others and the strengthening of our mission.

Ft. Myers Beach Lions Guidelines and Code of Conduct approved by Club vote August 5 2010 Adapted from the Guidelines Adopted and approved by the Lafayette Indiana Lions Club