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Ft. Myers Beach Lions

Beach School Principal Larry Woods Receives Beach Lions Donation
  Complete Turkey Dinners for 10 Beach families of 4
               Lion Shelby and Lions' President Fred presenting.
  Beach Lions Appear in the 4th of July Parade

Recent Guest Speakers

Support our Local Industry! Ask For Local #PinkGold Shrimp !

2nd and 4th Thursday of Every Month
6:30 Dinner PM at:
St. Raphael’s Episcopal Church
5601 Williams Drive, Ft. Myers Beach, FL

 The Lion's Scholarship Fund is a special Project of the Fort Myers Beach Lion's Foundation which was set up in 1993 and has been awarding local scholarships every year since.  The Fund receives separate tax deductible donations from the public and is augmented by proceeds from the Fort Myers Beach Lions Shrimp Festival the second weekend in March every year.  "Lions are proud of their record of never using any of the funds donated to the Foundation for administration or fund raising." Patsy Dorsey Foundation Past President noted. " 


Beach Lions Collect and Deliver Toys to Golisano Children's Hospital for Kids to choose after treatments!

The Ft. Myers Beach Lions awarded five scholarships at their dinner meeting with the remaining 3 to be awarded at an upcoming meeting. With their families looking on as the founding members of the scholarship fund, Jerry Tatarian and Darby Doerzbacher awarded the scholarships to: Johan Elrubaie- Florida Gull Coast University, Jason Freeman- University of Kentucky , Emily Hendry- University of Florida, Sarah Swiersz- University of Central Florida Burnett Honors College  and W. Holt Wallace- University of Florida, as their families cheered their achievements. 

"The Beach Lions began awarding scholarships to area residents more than 20 years ago. Our Lion's members love to help reduce the burden of higher education costs. And each year the winners seem to be smarter and smarter." Lion Jerry Tatarian said. 

The Lions Club at Ft. Myers Beach has been operating the Beach Shrimp Festival the second weekend in March for almost 60 years as it's main fundraiser amongst other events and is actively seeking new members who are interested in giving some help back to their community. "As a member of the Worlds Largest Service Club Organization each member of our club can do more than by themselves, And they meet new neighbors and friends at the same time. Anyone considering joining the Lions is invited to attend our dinner meeting.
Beach Lions Provided  More than 100 Local Eye Care Services this Year! Eye surgeries, exams and glasses for more than 100 Local Residents.

   For a Rewarding Experience in life Join The Lions!

New Members Share Why They Joined Beach Lions!

Beach Lions Welcomes Our Newest Members!
We'd Love to Have You as our Newest Member! 

Beach Lions Collect & Donate Bears, Bears, Bears!!

Lions make an unbearably good gift for the Holidays. The Ft. Myers Beach Lions Club is donating dozens and dozens of teddy bears for a charity auction sponsored by Goodwill Industries.
Goodwill will make a Lions teddy bear tree and auction it with others. The winner will donate the tree to a local children's hospital facility just in time for the holidays! 


Our goal is to make a more cohesive club, put some fun in our activities, and attract new members    
Lions are strongly encouraged to invite non Lions to attend as their guests!  These are easy and great opportunities for Beach Lions to invite anyone they think may be interested in being a lion or helping Lions achieve more. Relatives and friends always welcome!   

Gladiolus Learning & Development Center, Leader: Tina Parsons

At a recent meeting, Tina shared information about her center on Gladiolus drive which serves our community. The non profit center serves the community with daycare and other services. For more details:

Do something! Be a Lion!
New Lions Experience Being Blind While Eating During Their Induction

Come join us and help your local community!! 

The Lions meet at the Parrish Hall on Williams Drive the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month at 7PM. Questions? email us:  Proceeds of Lions Activities such as the annual Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival Weekend help fund these scholarships and many more local needs. For information about joining the Lions

Call 239-454-0246 or e mail to