lion working with child sorting bottle caps

Your Top 10 Reasons to Join the Fort Myers Beach Lions Club!!

Get out of the house and into the community! The Fort Myers Beach Lions participate in numerous service activities & gatherings throughout the year! Come serve with us!
lion working with child sorting bottle caps
Meet other good-hearted people who care and serve the community and beyond.
Meet new people
Lions have fun when we meet socially as a team and also while we are helping others. 
2018 Community Night
Lions are a family where you can make new friends that care about you.
Making friends while having fun
Lions members can take great pride in being part of one of the world’s most effective charities.
Lions International
Your meaningful efforts to help other in your community are multiplied by being part of a larger group.
See concrete results of your service efforts as you hear the reports of how we are delivering needed help in your area.
Gosliano Childrens Hospital
We are always looking for new ideas to help the community. Come along and share your ideas and expertise with your fellow Lions club members. You can make a real difference in people’s lives.
FMB Lions Generate Ideas
Learn about the opportunities to help in your community from other Lions members as well as from the speakers we bring in to our club meetings.
Lions Club Speaker
Get involved with one of USA Today’s Top Ten things to do in Florida – our Fort Myers Beach Lions Club Shrimp Festival, held every year in March. We guarantee you will have a great time and feel you are a part of something big!
Shrimp Festival Dinners
Be a proud member of an organization where 100% of all profits from our events and projects goes to support the needs in our community.
FMB Lions in Parade

Sound good? Ready to join? Click here.